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人教新目标板八年级英语下Unit9 Section A(1a-2d)教案

www.6662016.com www.albatal-mag.com Teaching Aims
1. knowledge Aims      
Ss can master some words and language chunks.
2. Ability Aims
Ss can talk about the past experiences with been, ever, never and language chunks.
3. Moral Aims  
Improve the cooperative spirit of the Ss and let the Ss be pround of the interests of the world.
Teaching key Points  
1. Learn and master some words and language chunks.
2. Learn to talk about the past experiences by using “Have you ever been to....?”.
Teaching Difficult Points
 Learn to talk about the  past experiences by using “Ha ve you ever been to....?”.
Teaching M ethods   
Task-based language teaching method ,the cooperative learning method, the multimedia-assisted teaching and learning  method.
Teaching Aids    
The pictures about the interests of the world ; PPT
Teaching Procedures
Step1 Warming-up  
Watch a video the interests of the world
Step2 Checking the words and language chunks
1. By showing the Ss the pictures about the interests of the world,Ss  try to read and say them.
2. Read and say the words and language chunks again by a game.(快说快记游戏)
 3. Try to write them down.
4. 1a Read and rank.
Step3 Present and Practice
1. Watching the video about journey to present 1c.
2. Read 1c.
3. Make similar conve rsations
4. Role play.
Step4 Listening 1 b
1. Look at the picture and answer.(TB P105 II)
2. Explain: Me , too .    Me, neither.
3. Know the names of the five museums.
4. Listen and check.
5. Sum up the chart:
Claudia has been to.... But she has never been to....
Sarah has been to.... But she has never been to....
6. Listen again and answer:
(1) When did Sarah go to the National Science Museum?
(2) What does Claudia say about history?
7. Listen and repeat.
Step 5 Presentation and Practice
1. Present the co nversation by the l istening passage.
A: Has Claudia been to the space museum?
B: Yes, she has.  How about Sarah?
A: No,she has never been to the space museum.
2. Ss make new conversations like this.
Step 6 Listening (2a 2b)
1. Talk about the pictures by using “Have you ever been to...?” and “How did you go there?”
2. Ss listen and circle the places.
3. Check.
4. Read and translate the sentences in 2b.
5. Listen and circle “T” or “F”.
6. Check.
7. Read the listening passage and correct the mistakes.
Step 6 Role-play conversation (2d)
1. Scan the conversation and answer:
 What are they talking about?
2. Read again and answer.(TB P106 III)
3. Listen and imitate.
4. Read and look up.
5. Check up by completing the conversation.
  Anna went to the film museum_________. She thinks th e film museum is really ________. She has ________ been camping.
  Jill went to the film museum in _________. She loves all the old movie cameras, and she learned about the inventions that led to___________. On the weekend, Jill ____________ in the mountains with some friends.
6. Prepar for role play in groups.
Step 7 Homework
1. Make a survey:
What fun places have your classmates been to ?
How did they get there?
2. Write a report according to their charts.
   Today I asked our classmates about their journey. Here are the results.__________________________________________



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