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人教新目标八年级英语下Unit9 Section A(3a-3c)教案

www.6662016.com www.albatal-mag.com Teaching aims
Knowledge aims:
Ss can master new words and language chunks
Ability aims:
1.Ss can understand the passage.
2.Ss practice reading and writing.
Moral aims:
Educate students to care about things around them.
Teaching key points
1.Be able to understand the passage.
2.Learn to talk about things about them and learn to use “have/has been to…”
Teaching difficulties:
1.Learn to talk about things in their lives
2.Learn to use “have/ has been to …”
Teaching steps 
Step 1, Warming up
   Show Ss a picture about a museum ,ask Ss to guess what kind of mesuem it is.
Step 2, Before reading
1.Show Ss a picture of new  words to consolidate the new word s.
2.Show Ss three p ictures about 3a. Ask Ss to talk about every picture.
T: What can you see in the first picture ?
S1: I can see three computers.
T: What do you think we will read in the passage ?
S2: About a computer museum.
T: Great ! What can we learn in a computer museum ?
S3: The story of comput ers.
S4: The usage of computers.
S5: ….
Step 3, While reading
1.First reading
1)Give Ss 1 or 2 minutes to ask them to read the passage quickly and answer the question.
Which three museum do you think about ?
2.Careful reading
1)Read Para. 1 to answer the 2 questions
What do they have in the  American Computer Museum?
What’s the differences between the old computers and the  new ones ?
2)Read Para 2 to answer the 2 questions
What did Amy see in the International Museum of Toilets in India ?
What does  the International Museum of Toilets encourage people to do ?
3)Read Para.3 to answer the following questions
What do the tea art performances show?
Why does LinLin’s grandpa love collecting tea sets ?
4)Read the article again and answer the following questions (3b).
What does Ken say about the American Computer Museum?
What can we learn at the International Museum of Toilets?
Why is the Hangzhou National Tea Museum a nice place to enjoy tea ?
5)Read the passage and find out the difficult points. Disc uss them in groups.
have been to
have gone to
invent sth
in such a rapid way
teach sb.about …teach oneself
encourage sb. to do
think about
watch sb. do.  watch sb. doing
7) Share the whole story with students according to the chart.
How is it?
What do they have?
the differences between the old computers and the new ones
in the future
the computer museum
What does it teach?
What does it encourage?
the International Toilets
Where is it?
What do the tea art performances
How is watching the tea preparation?
the tea museum
8) Retell the story according to the charts.
Step4, After reading
Ask Ss to finish 3c by themselves , then check the answers.
Step5, Homework

  Search other museums and try to write a report.



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