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人教新目标八年级英语下Unit9 Section B 3a教案

www.6662016.com www.albatal-mag.com Teaching aims
1. knowledge aims      words and expressions in Unit nine
2. Ability Objects
(1 )  Enable st udents to talk about the past experiences .
(2) Enable students to express themselves with Present perfect tense.
3. Moral Objects   Be pround of the interests of the world
Teaching key points   Enable the students to le arn to talk about the past experiences.
Teaching difficult points     Enable students to express themselves with  Present perfect tense.
Teaching methods    th e cooperative learning method and the situational teaching method.
Teaching aids     the pictures about the interests of the world ; PPT
Teac hing  procedures
 Step1 Warming-up   the  video about journey
Step2 Revision
2.List the important words and expressions of this unit
3.Finish 3a
Step3 Practice
1.Waching the video about journe y
2.Make similar conversations
3.Finish 3b
Step4 Show time
Have the students act out the conversations they just made with the following sentence structures
-Have you  ever been to …… ?
-Yes, I have. I ……
-Have you ever been to …….?
-No, I’ve never been to …….
-Me neither.
Step5 Writing
Write an article to advertise your hometown or a place you have been to.
Step6 Having a test



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