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人教新目标八年级英语下Unit9 Section B(1a-1d)教案

www.6662016.com www.albatal-mag.com Teaching Aims
1.Knowledge and Ability Objects
(1) Key vocabulary:
the Terracotta Army, the Great Wall
the Bird’s Nest, the Palace Museum
(2) Target language:
Have you visited …?
Have yo u  been to …?
Have you seen …?
Have you tried …?
(3) To train students’ listening, speaking reading abilities  and skills..
2. Method Objects in Teaching
(1) Listening and speaking methods.
(2) Reading methods.
(3) Practice method.
3.Moral Aims:
 To raise students’ interest of learning English.
Teach ing Key Points
(1). Key vocabulary in this period.
(2). Target l anguage in this period. 
Teaching Difficulties
 1. Improve students’ listening.
2. Improve students’ speaking skills.
Teaching Aids
1. A computer for multimedia use.
2. A tape recorder.
Teaching Steps:
Step 1 Free talk
Step 2 Presentation and practice
1.Look at the pictures and review the sent  ence pattern: Have  you ever been to…?
Yes, I have./No, I haven’t.
2. Finish exercise 1a on textbook. Match the pictures with names.
_________ the Terracotta Army
_________ the Great Wall
_________ the Bird’s Nest
_________ the Palace Museum  
Keys: c, a, d, b
Step 3 Listening
       1. Listen to a student interviewing a foreign student. Check (√) the question you hear.
_______ Have you visited the Palace Museum?
_______ Have you been to the Great Wall?
_______ Have you been to the Bird’s Nest?
_______ Have you seen the Terracotta Army?
_______ Have you tried Chinese food?
Keys: 1,3, 5
   2. Listen again and take notes.
Name: _____________________________________
Country: ___________________________________
How long in China ________________________
Places visited: ____________________________
Food: __________________________________
  Keys: Peter, Australia, two weeks, the Palace Museum, the Great Wall, the Bird’s Nest, the Terracotta Army, Beijing Duck
  3. Listen again and role_ play the conversation.
  4. Retell the Peter’s story according to 1c.
Step 4 Role-play 1d
1.Work in pairs to ask your partner where she/he ha s been to?
Have you visit ed …?
Have you been to …?
Have you seen …?
Have you tried …?
2.Show time: Act out their conversations.
3.Writing: C omplete their conversations. 



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