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www.6662016.com www.albatal-mag.com 【学习目标】
  1. 能够熟记并正确使用单词
【学法指导】1.根据音标学习新单词,并结对抽说中文意思。 2.熟读1a的词语和对话。
一. 写出下列动词的过去式和过去分词.
is ­­­_____ _______    write ________ _____read _______ ________
study _______ ______have _______ _______eat ______ _______
start______ _______ live______ _______  help ________ ________
travel_ ______ ______say_______ ________ hear______ __________
二.根据首字母完成单词,使句子意思完整, 通顺.
1. Have you ever b_________ to a museum?
2. They have g_____  to see the movie. It’s so interesting.
3. I hope that they will have a wonderful time in the a_________ park.
4. --I have never seen such an interesting water park.---Me n_________ .
【展示互导】1. 个人或小组读1a的单词和 对话。
        2.听录音完成1b。   3. 对话练习1c.
1.Have you ever been to an amusement park?和I went to Fun Times Amusement Park last year.  这两句话时态上有什么不同?为什么?
①Me neither, Let’s go to water city ._____________________________
②Neither answer is right.____________________________________
③Neither of them knows me.____________________________________
3.区分 have/has been to  与have/has gone to
have /has been to 强调的是曾经去了某个地方并回来了;
have/has gone to强调的是去了某个地方还没有回来。
eg.--Have you ever ________ to Shanghai? --Yes, several times.
--Where is Mr. Wang??-- He has _________ to Shanghai.
4.Let’s go somewhere different today.
eg.Do you want to visit ___________for your summer vacation ?
A. warm somewhere    B. somewhere warm    C. warm anywhere   D. anywhere warm
(   ) 1、Have  you  met  Mr.  Li ______?
    A.just    B.ago    C.before  D.a moment ago
(   ) 2、—Our country______ a lot so far .  —Yes. I hope it will be even ______.
     A. has changed ; well   B.changed ; good
      C. has changed ; better  D.changed ; better
(   ) 3、We ______ Xiao  Li  since  she  was  a  little  girl .
     A. know  B.had known  C.have known  D.knew
(   ) 4.—I haven’t been to Sanya, how about you?    —_________.    
       A.  Me too.               B.  Me neither.
       C.  Me also.              D.  Me haven’t.
(   ) 5.—Did you see Peter and Mike?   —No, I saw_________of them.
       A. neither   B. either   C. both     D. none
1.They have been here since 2000. (对划线部分部问)
 _________ _________ have they been here?
2. The old man _________ last year.
   He _________ _________ _________ for a year. (die)(动词填空)
3. Miss Gao left an hour ago. (同义句转换)
   Miss Gao ________  _______ ________  ________  an hour ago.
4. Her mother has been a Party member for three years .(同义句)
   Her mother _______ the Party three years ________ .
5. Neither he nor I___ (have/has) met such a beautiful girl before.(选填)
6. 昨天他没有去那,我也没去。(翻译句子)
   He didn’t go there yesterday.  _____ _________.
been  too  neither   ever  have  haven't
  A: Have you________ _________to an aquarium?
  B:Yes,I________.How about you?
  A:Me ,__________.Have you ever been to a water park?
  A:Me_________.Let's go to Water City tomorrow.
【总结提升】  今日我的表现_______



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