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【学习重难点】熟练运用been to 的用法,初步了解gone to, been in 的用法
1. 太空博物馆                        2.历史博物馆______________ 
3. 游乐场_____________               4. 学校郊游____________
5. 坐地铁                            6.在博物馆附近            
7. 很久以前_________                 8 .令人兴奋的事情_______________
9. 参观艺术博物馆__________________  10.借给__________________
【展示互导】一:听力: 2 a. 2b: 播放听力,学生展示答案的同时检查学生答案。
 It’s really interesting , isn’t it ?
1. 翻译:______________________________________
2. 这是一个______________句,其构成为______________+______________;此句要遵循“前肯__________”或“前否__________”的原则,即陈述句为肯定时,附加疑问句用____________; 陈述句为否定时,附加疑问句用____________。
(   )3. Your elder brother helped him, ___?
     A. did he  B. didn’t he C. was he  D. doesn’t he
(   )4. He’s never been to Beijing , ______?
     A. is he   B. isn’t he  C. has he   D. hasn’t he
1. Where is he ?  He _____ _______to Guiyang. He will come back next week.
2. ______you ever _____to Beijing ?  Yes, I _____  ____there three times.
3.My aunt _____  ______in Suining  for 20 years.
4.They _____  ______in Dalian for three weeks.
5.Where _____you ______,your mother is looking for you.
(   )1.__ you ever ___ to an aquarium?    Yes, we had a goo d time there.
A. Have, gone         B. Had, been        C. Have, been
(   )2.I _____ my grandpa last Sunday.
A. have visited      B. visited          C. was visiting
(   )3.She _____ Shanghai for a month.
A. has come to        B. came to          C. has been in
(   )4.Mr.Hu died last year.  He ____for several months already.
A. has been dying    B. has died   C. has been dead    D. died[来\
(   )5.Fanny _____ TV at this time last Saturday.
     A. has watched        B. was watching        C. watched
(   )6.- Have you___ been to our town before?  - No, it's the first time I __ here.
A.even, have come       B.ever, come       C.ever, have come
(   )7.May ______ the book for two weeks.
    A. borrowed      B. lent     C. kept      D. bought
三、练习用has /have been ,has/have gone 或 h ave/has been in来填空。
1. A:I saw you in Harry’s Restaurant last night.
   B:No, it wasn’t me. I ____ never _____ there.
2. A:Sally and Tim are on holiday, aren’t they?  Where have they _____?
   B:To Florida, again.
   A:How many times have they _____ there?
   B:This is their third visit.
3. A: How long  have your parents                   that school?[来源:学
   B: Since they came to this city.
4. A:(on the phone)Can I speak to Mary, please?
   B:She’s out, I’m afraid. She __________ to the cinema this evening.
【总结提升】  今日我的表现_______



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