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www.6662016.com www.albatal-mag.com 【学习目标】
1.会读写并灵活运用单词短语: invent;  encourage;  collect;  in such a rapid way;  different kinds of;  thousands of  等。
2.学生以小组的形式展示4a,4b 内容
3.学生带读grammar Focus的句子,并提出重点句子和用法。
【自学互助】 一.读课文,找短语
1.以如此迅猛的方式_______________  2.各种各样的_______________
3.厕所的发展_______________        4.社会团体_______________
5.茶艺表演_______________         6.用漂亮的茶具沏一杯完美的茶_____________
7.一个品茶的好地方_______________ 8. 数以千计的_______________
【展示互导】 阅读文章并判断正误(T|F),在小组内和同学讨论一下
(  ) 1. American Computer Museum has information about different computers there.
(  ) 2. Ken thinks computers will do more work in the future.
(  ) 3. International Museum of Toilets is a very unusual museum.
(  ) 4. Linlin didn’t know why her grandpa loved drinking and collecting tea set.
一.It’s unbelievable that technology has progressed in such a rapid way !
1. 翻译:___________________________________________________
2. 本句是主从复合句,it在句中作________主语,真正的主语是_____________
3. such a rapid way意为__________________.
(1)二者都意为________, 但such是______, so是_______(形容词/副词)
(2)在下列的短语中填入such或so          ①________+a/an+形容词+名词单数
②_______+形容词+名词复数/不可数名词 ③________+形容词/副词
⑤________+many/much/few/little+名词 (其中①和④可以互换)
5.填空 ①The girl is ____ a nice girl=The girl is ___ nice a girl.
            ②There are ________many mistakes in his homework.
二.It also encourages governments and social groups to think about......
My mom usually _________ _____  ______ study hard.
三.There are some special German paintings there right now .
  (   )2.They can speak ______ ,but they are not______.         
A. German; German   B. Germans ; Germans  C. German ; Germen   D. German ; Germans
四.I’ve already been there a couple of times.
2.a couple of 意为_______,指同类事物中的任意两个或几个,不一定是成对的;而a pair of 意为______, 指成对或成对使用的东西,如一双鞋、一把剪刀等。
Eg:There are __ ___ ___beds in the room and there’s __ ____ ___shoes near them.
1.我去过北京两次。I ______ ______ _____ Beijing twice.
2.萨拉不会说德语,是吗?Sarah can’t speak German, ______  _______?
3.昨天他没有去那,我也没去。He didn’t go there yesterday. ______  _______.
4.我了解了一些电影的知识。I ______  ______ some information about movie.
(   )1.—where is Tom? Do you know?—I think he______ to the library.
A. has gone       B. goes     C. has been        D. went
(   )2.—How do you like the song? w—Great! I______ such a beautiful song before.
    A. don’t hear  B. never hear   C. have never heard D. has never heard
(   )3.—Would you like to tell your trouble to your mother or your father?
       —______.I usually keep it deep in my heart.
A. Either     B. Neither     C. Both     D. None
(   )4.—Kitty, will you watch the movies with us this evening?
       —Sorry, I _____the film before.
A. saw        B. have seen        C. had seen     D. see
(   )5.—How long have you ______here?—About three weeks.
A. come      B .gone       C .left        D .been
(   )6.I have ________to tell you .  
     A. important something B. something important  C. anything important
(   )7.Lu Xun is _______ a great writer and _______many people like him.
     A. such ; such   B. so ; so    C. such ; so    D. so ; such
(   )8.Harry’s parents always encourage him __________out the opinions.
     A. speak   B. to speak   C. speaks   D. speaking
(   )9.Look ! There are many _______fighting there .
     A. German  B. Germen  C. Germans
【总结提升】  今日我的表现_______



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