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www.6662016.com www.albatal-mag.com 一.单项选择
(   )1.Listen ! Can you hear someone______ there ?
     A. sing    B. singing     C. sings    D. to sing
(   )2.Our school isn’t ______ my home. 
     A. far from   B. far to   C. far in   D. far
(   )3.____ you ____ to Hongkong yet ? When ___ you ____there ?
     A. Did go ; did go   B. Have gone ; have gone  C. Have gone :did go
(   )4.-Have you been to ___amusement park?  -Yes, I went to Funtime last year.
     A. a     B. an     C. the     D. /
(   )5. ____you are free, come to my home and let’s have some coffee.
        A. Whatever B. Whenever    C. Whoever     D. However
(   )6.– I have never been to Disneyland. How about you? –            .
       A. Me, too       B. So do I          C. Me, neither   D. Yes, I have
(   )7. When my mother came back home last night, I was still _________.
       A. wake      B. woke         C. waking         D. awake
(   )8.-Why not go_________ this time?    -OK.
       A. to somewhere quiet   B. somewhere quiet   C. to quiet somewhere
(   )9. With the help of the teachers, I’ve made ________progress.
       A. a lot     B. many     C. much    D. a rapid
(   )10.We need to come up ways ____people _____the environment.
    A. to encourage, to save   B. to encourage, saving  C. encouraging, to save
(   )11.---Hello! Could I speak to Mary?     ---Sorry, she _____to the library.
     A. has gone     B. has been     C. went     D. is going
(   )12.It’s _________a nice invention that I’m wondering who _________it.
     A. so, invented  B. such, invented  C. so, did invent  D. such, did invent
(   )13.The Hangzhou National Tea museum is a great place _________tea.
     A. enjoy     B. enjoying     C. enjoyed     D. to enjoy
(   )14.Lions almost sleep __________the day.
     A. while     B. at     C. during     D. on
(   )15.________speak _________.
     A. German, German  B. Germen, German  C. Germans, German   D. Germen, Germen
My friend Tom_________ (come) to Beijing three months ago. These days he________ (learn) Chinese in a language school. He likes traveling. And he______ already_______ (visit) many great places of interest in our country. Next month, he ________(fly) to Harbin for the summer vacation. I’m sure he ______ (have) a good time.
1. 我爸爸现在不在家,他去了学校。
  My father isn’t in now, He ____  _____  ____his school.
   I ____ ______  _____Xi’an three times, how about you?
   He _____  _______ _____the country for many years.
   I know much about Tibet, but I’ve ______  _____there.
5.你妈妈呢,简?              她去国外了.
   Where  is you r mother, Jane?    She ______  _____ abroad.
1.I have been to Macau before.(改为否定句)  I ___ ____ been to Macau before.
2.He hasn’t come to school because he`s ill.  (就划线部分提问)
  ____ _____ he come to school?
3.He has learned English for 5 years.(就划线部分提问)
  ____ ___ ____ ____ learned English ?
4.I bought a new bike just now.(用just改写)  I ____ just ____ a new bike.
5.We began to learn English three years ago.(改为同义句)
  We ____ ____English ____three years.
A.  How can I get there ?
B.  Our sightseeing bus will take you around the city.
C.  Could you introduce me a nice place to visit during the weekend?
D.  How much does it cost?
E.  It’s the right time to go there.
M: Good morning. What can I do for you, madam?
W: ____
M: OK, Beijing is a nice place to visit. _____ The weather is neither   
   hot nor cold.
W; Sounds good. _____
M: You can get there by train.
W: Shall I visit places of interest by bus in Beijing?
M: Sure. ______
W: Really? It’s wonderful! ______
M: 1280 RMB . It includes train tickets, park tickets, hotel cost and meals.
W: Well. It’s nice. I’d like to book the tour for two.



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