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Unit9 Have you ever been to an amusement park_教案

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1.southeast n.东南部  adj.东南的   southwest 西南  northeast 东北 northwest 西北
in southeast Asia=in the southeastern part of Asia=in the southeast of Asia 亚洲的东南部
2.wonderful adj.极好的 adv. wonderfully  n. wonder 奇迹,奇事
3.on vacation/holiday 在休假中, take / have a holiday 休假,度假  public holiday 公共假日  eg: New Year’s Day is a public holiday.
4.population n. 人口   
eg: The population of the city       (are/is)about 3 million.
②population 前有修饰词时,如分数,百分数,谓语动词用复数。
eg: Two fifths of the population of that village        (are/is) workers.
③对人口提问用What’s the population of…
eg:      is the population of the world? Do you know?
A. What    B. How    C. How much    D. How many
④表示人口多用big/large 修饰,人口少用small 修饰。
eg: There are 82,000,000 people in Germany and 59,000,000 people in France.(改为同义句)
The       of Germany              than that of France.
5.quarter  n. 一刻钟,四分之一 three quarters/ fourths 四分之三

eg: one second 1/2 ;  two thirds 2/3;
当分数+of+n.作主语时,谓V随of 后的名词而定。
eg: ①A quarter of the apple       (be)bad.
②Three quarters of the students       (be) Chinese.
③One third of the water       (be)dirty.
6. fear v./n. 害怕,担心,恐惧  fearful adj. 可怕的,担心的  
fearless adj. 勇敢的,无畏惧的  fear to do sth/that 从句: 害怕干…
7.excellent adj. 优秀的,杰出的   be excellent in (doing)sth  在某方成面优秀
8. natural adj.自然的 nature  n. 自然
9..wake v. 醒来;睡醒  wake-waked/woke –waked/woken
wake (sb)up 叫醒(某人);wake up 醒来;be awake(反)be asleep=fall asleep
10.environment n. 环境, keep/protect the environment ?;せ肪?nbsp;
pollute the environment 污染环境
11.Indian  adj. 印度的/印度人的  India  n. 印度
12. temperature  n. 温度   take one’s temperature  量某人的体温
13.whenever= no matter when无论什么时候
whatever=                             无论什么
wherever=                             无论在哪里
however=                              无论怎么样
whoever=                              无论谁
whichever=                            无论哪一个
特殊疑问词+ever :无论... =no matter+特殊疑问词
◆however, whenever, wherever是疑问副词, 引导让步状语从句。
eg: ① However hard he tries, he can't succeed.
② Whenever I see him, he always smiles to me.
③ Wherever you go, don't forget your hometown.
◆whoever, whomever, whatever是疑问代词, 引导让步状语从句或名词性从句。
①  Whoever does wrong should be punished.
② I will give the prize to whomever you recommend.
③ I will buy you whatever you want.
1. If we work with a strong will, we can overcome any difficulty, ______ great it is.                           
 A. what        B. how       C. however    D. whatever
2. It is generally considered unwise to give a child _____ he or she wants.
A. however        B. whatever      C. whichever     D. whenever
3. We’ll have to finish the job, _______.  
A. long it takes however          B. it takes however long
C. long however it takes        D. however long it takes
1.have problems/difficulty(difficulties)/trouble (in)doing sth 做某事有困难=do sth with some problems/difficulties/trouble 做某事不顺利(有困难)
3.all year round /all the year/the whole year一年到头,终年
一、课前准备:1.学习新单词 2. 自学教学案学习目标 3. 教师释疑
二、课堂教学:1.话题导入 2.略读文本完成3a 3.细读文本,完成3b 4.再读文本,理解重点句意
(   )1.This is a big class. And     of the students are girls.
A. two third  B. second  three  C. two three   D. two thirds
(    )2.They didn’t have any problem       the post office.
A. find   B. finding   C. to find   D. found
(    )3.The population of China is     than that of any other country in the world.
A. larger   B. fewer   C. more   D. smaller
(    )4.     right     wrong, he always wins t argument.
A. Whether; or   B. Between;  and    C. Neither ; nor  D. Both ; and
(    )5. Fujian Province lies in the      of China.
A.  northeast    B. northwest   C. southeast   D. southwest
1.S        comes after winter.
2.The children need a happy e           at school.
3.She always goes home before d       .
4.The restaurant isn’t large, but the food is e             .
5.There are lots of f        (fox)in the mountain.
6.My uncle lives in the         (south)part of China.

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