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人教版八年级英语下册《Unit9 Have you ever been to a museum》导学案(第5课时)

www.6662016.com www.albatal-mag.com 【Study-aims】
1.全体学生复习掌握本节课所涉及单词 thousand, safe, simply, whether, Indian,  Japanese, fox , equator,  mostly, fear, spring, location   ,whenever 及短语:thousands of, all the year round,on the one hand...on the other hand, the Bird’s Nest, Southeast Asia, Night Safari, three quarters have any problem doing, during the daytime.
【Key & difficult points】
【Learning procedure】
    come______   arrive  ______   go______    see  ______
    take______   visit   ______   be ______   try  ______
    cost______   drink   ______   eat______   give ______
    have______   learn   ______   let______   lie  ______
  I_____ _____the film?
  I_____the film last week.
1. He____ (be) to the History Museum several times.
2.-_____you ever_____ (be) to the zoo?
-Yes. I_____ (go) there last summer. I_____ (see) many of Animals there.
3. Where is Mr. Wang?
He_____ (go) to the library. He wants to borrow some books.
4. We_____ (learn) English for more than two years.
5. When he_____ (finish) his work, he_____ (ring) me up.
Step1. 对2b课文有关知识点的讲解。
   1.thousands of:上千的
   2. (Southeast Asia) A place is a +adj +place +to do sth.
   4. You won’t have any problem doing sth.
   5. whether you like Indian food...
   whether与or not 连用;做介词宾语时只能用 whether用在动词不定式前。
6.during the day
   7.be the best time to do sth
Step2. 给学生时间谈论自己的家乡或回顾他们曾去过的地方。然后写篇章来宣传自己的家乡或曾去过的地方??赡苡玫揭恍┚湫腿纾篐ave you ever tried/seen/been....?If you ..., you will/can.... You should....
Step3.学生谈论self check 中1部分的内容,然后写下自己的答案。
1. She is already gone to America. (改否定句)
 She_____ _____to America _____.
2. The population of Australia is around 40,000,000. (就划线提问)
     ______ ______the population of Australia?
3. He is never seen an alien. I haven’t, either.(改同义句)
He is never seen an alien, _____ _____I.
III. Post-class
【Blackboard Design】
Unit9 Have you ever been to a museum? 
Section B 3b—Self Check

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