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新目标七年级英语unit6 period2教案

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Unit 6 Do you like bananas?
Period Two

Step One: Review the drill.
     Review the drill “Do you like…”?
     The girl and the boy are talking about their likes and dislike.Let’s open your books and listen. Try to finish 2a and 2b as quickly as you can.
Step Two: New drills.
     Present the new drills “Does she/ he like…? Yes, she / he does./ No, she / he doesn’t”using the chart above.
T:Kate, do you like tomatoes?
S1:Yes, I do.
T:Do you like ice cream?
S1:No, I don’t.
(The teacher points at Kate and asks the class.)
T:Does Kate like tomatoes?
Ss:Yes, she does.
T:Does Kate like ice cream?
Ss:No,she doesn’t.
(The teacher goes on asking Kate using the chart.)
T:Does your best friend Sue like tomatoes?
S1:Yes, she does.(Kate looks at her chart in her hand.)
T:Who is your best friend?
(The teacher points at Jane.)
S1:Sally is.
T:Does she like tomatoes?
S1:Sally is.
(The teacher points at Tony and Maria.)
T:Do your best friends like tomatoes?
S1:Yes, they do./No, they don’t.
(The teacher asks two more students to answer his/ her questions according to the chart in their hands. Then the teacher writes down the drills “Does she/he like… ?Do they like…?” on the blackboard.)
T:Work in pairs and practice the drill “Does he/she…? Do they…?”according to the chart.
(Then the teacher asks some pairs of the students to practice one by one.)
     Practice the drills.
T:Let’s work in pairs .
(Student A looks at Page 33.Student B looks at Page 83.Try to find out what Bob and Bill and don’t like.)
Sa:Does Bill like French fries?
Sb: … Does Bob like French fries?
Sa: …
Step Three: Task.
T:Do you love your parents?
T:How do you show your love to them?
S1:I’ll do as they say.
S2:I’ll buy something for them when their birthday is coming.
S3:I’ll study better and better.
S4:I’ll make a big meal for them.
T:Oh, I think it’s a good idea. Now let’s try to know what they like and dislike. First take out yesterday’s homework,exchange the information in pairs.
(The teacher have asked the students to have a survey last class.)


(Give a sample to the students)
T:Does your father like chicken?(Point to a student)
S1: No, he doesn’t.
T:Does your mother like eggs?
S1:Yes, she does.
T:Do they like bananas?
S1: Yes, they do.
T:Now work in groups and make a food survey.

Jim’s father
Jim’s mother
Kate’s father
Kate’s mother

(The students work in groups.)
S2:Jim’s father likes… He doesn’t like… Jim’s mother likes…very much. She doesn’t like…And they both don’t like…
(Then ask more students to report.)
Step Four:Summary.
   In this class, we’ve learnt the Simple Present Tense,including of the third person singular form as subject.
Rewrite your conversation in the form of a passage.



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